KREAL Serviced Apartment

Kreal Selected Quality Service Apartments    柯瑞优选服务式公寓

We work in partnership with nation-wide real estate agency, local predominant agents, property management company, private apartment owners to search and select the best quality rental properties available on the market. Combining our network, database, and selection criterion we offer you Kreal selected quality apartments.

Having more than 20 expats arriving at the same time is a huge task for your admin team to find the satisfactorily accommodations and settle them down smoothly. In addition, you have to face local rental market limitations, shortage of quality apartments, to deal with all kinds of landlords, to take care of invoicing and payment issues. If you have more than 30 expats arriving in a short period of time, it is going to be a big headache if you don’t outsource.

Our relocation service team can provide more than 20 apartments to our client on short notice. We can manage to settle down your large project team satisfactorily within the shortest period of time.

Most importantly, we can discuss and agree with you on a set of quality standards in advance. All our properties are going to meet these pre-set standards to resolve your concerns and requirements and avoid any potential complaints and future troubles.

Our “KREAL” branded corporate housing solution can meet your customized housing requirements.