Scopes Of Manpower Services

Our recruitment services covers most commonly seen offshore construction positions. We have experiences and candidates resources to recruit and timely meet your project's recruitment requirements. For detailed position list, you can find in the below table.

Our Service Proposal for

Oil & Gas Industry Recruitment Services

We have over 16 years experiences working for various oiil & gas EPC companies, we provided sucessful manpower solution for our clients. 1. We can recommend good candidates meeting all your requirements, one single supplier for all your positions. 2. We have good track record and expereinces helping you managing your team whereas you need such supports. 3. Our rates are competitive and give you easier understanding of the complex wage, taxes, insruances calculations. 

In 2021, We Received, Processed Total Of 2197 Job Applications/ Enquiries And Resumes For The Following Positions.

HSE160Ship Repair25
Piping QC/ Superintendent89Material Control11
Piping Design23IT15
Structural QC/ Superintendent122Dimension Control10
Dc41Scaffolding/ Lifting & Rigging13
Electrical/ Instrument QC/ Superintendent317Load-out3
Commissioning/ Mechanical Completion130Subcontract Mgmt./ Quantity Survey14
Procurement4Completion/ Hand-over Engineer13
Coating/ Insulation186Pressure Vessel Inspection4
Welding/ NDT694Drilling14
HVAC inspector/ superintendent42Expediting11
Accommodation31Offshore Deck Forman/ Lifting Supervisor32
Machinery Superintendent75Static Equipment14
Project Management45Rotation Equipment12


You can have more candidates for your recruitment, more choices means higher success rate of secruing the right candidate.

You have the freedom of signing the candidate by your own company or via our agency.

No front payment, no advertising fee, you only pay after the candidate starts working.

Save a lot of your advertising and recruitment efforts and works.